Mahogany Seating Apparatus

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Adirondack Chair We wanted to outfit our front deck with some comfortable “sitting” chairs. We looked for awhile for something we both liked. I’m not a fan of the low deck chairs, or those el-cheapo white plastic “patio” chairs. Quite a few chairs have a sharp edge, or right-angle right underneath your knees when you’re sitting down. Not really a nice feeling when you sit for as long as I do, working.

So we found a place called Teak Wicker & More that had a set of Adirondack chairs in solid mahogany. Not only was it solid mahogany, but it was 5/4″ solid mahogany. Thick.

The company delayed the shipping week by week, and we thought we’d never get them, but two months after we ordered them, they arrived. They came in two smallish boxes, and went together very easily. It took me about 10 minutes per-chair to put them together.

The construction and craftsmanship was flawless. Every hole mated up with every bolt, and all of the screw holes were countersunk and pre-drilled (this mirrors the horror story we had to endure with the cradle and changing table for Seryn, where after 3 separate physical units were shipped to us, they still couldn’t get it right!).

Sitting in these chairs is SO comfortable, it is almost beyond words. The height of the arms is perfect, and the back is curved perfectly for the human back curvature. Every piece of wood is sanded, with no splinters, cracks, or rough edges at all.

Absolutely stunning and amazing. I can’t wait to sit out there and start working through the early morning hours and after-dark hours.

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