Home Depot Does Windows

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Home Depot Yes, Home Depot does replacement windows, and siding, and all kinds of things. They contract it out to local contractors who do the actual install.

We have had several of our windows replaced by Home Depot so far. The first one was our big bay window facing the back yard. That was a complicated replacement, because there were some side “porthole” windows, and the big set of bend-out bay windows, and some tall side windows. The installers did a really amazing job.

The next round, was three windows along the side of the house. The installers for the second job were a different pair of guys, and they didn’t do such a good job. They spilled some solvent on our newly-painted window trim, causing it to “smear”, they forgot to caulk and seal the inside of the windows, and they managed to just “rip off” the thermometer from the side of the house, without even asking if we wanted to keep it there.

They installed the windows, and then.. true to form… Murphy’s Law kicked in. We ordered a very specific style of window called “Prairie Grids” or “perimeter grids”, for the upper half of the window. This style is very unique to the style of our home. Of course, we got the normal colonial “pane” windows instead.

So we called Home Depot, and mentioned it to them, and they said they’d just re-order new top-window pieces. So far, so good. 2 days ago, we get a call that the guy is just a block away with the windows in the back of his truck, and he wanted to know if he could just stop by and drop them in. Sure, I said.

He arrives, with the windows in towe. As he’s bringing them to the front of the house, I notice that they’re… not… quite what we wanted. One of them is a solid piece of glass, and the other two look fairly normal.

I mentioned this to him, and he says

“Well, if you don’t want ’em, I’ll just throw them in a dumpster, and re-order you some new ones.”

Apparently it costs more for them to store the mis-ordered, mis-shaped windows, so they just toss them.

So I said I’ll just take them, and use them as spares, in case we break one of these (or in case we sell the house, and we don’t have all of the windows replaced with prairie style windows).

Sigh. Just another example of how we can’t ever have clean closure to anything we rely on other people to do for us.

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  1. Hey setuid!

    I like these chairs but my daughter would have a field day with her saw and hammer :) Hey, I read a few of your other posts and it sounds like things are going great for you these days.

    Today starts LWE in SF. I’ve been going for a few years now and am planning on heading over starting tomorrow.

    Take care; catch you online again sometime :)

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