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Long time no diary, Bluefish and partners at it again

GPL violators have tripled..

Bluefish, MercuryGuide, TechXNY

    The second letter went out to Bluefish last week, and they have been given 5 days to respond, which ends today.

    It also appears that MercuryGuide is now also using our application (Plucker) in “their” version (MovieMobile) without providing source, and they neglected to change our CreatorID, so installing their application clobbers ours. Deleting it deletes ours. It also validates the previous assertion that MercuryGuide was
    delivered the parser components by Bluefish, and that they have the source code.

    TechXNY is the third one. They are also redistributing a “modified” Plucker application, stamped with Bluefish’s name, without providing source, without retaining the original copyright that we provided in the package.

    This is going to get ugly. Is there a Slashdot editor in the house? Please contact me directly. I may need a favor from you.

    For those following the saga: [1]
    [2] [3] [4]

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