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t-shirt design contest


Another pilot-link release hits the deck

pilot-link 0.9.5-pre6


A few more days of bug-hunting, then it’s RELEASE TIME!

Need a catchy name for this release. Something with a bit of technical “oomph!” Anyone got any ideas? shoot me an email

0.9.6 Wish List can be found here and some new conduit ideas here.

Lots of new stuff coming! (anyone care to donate a Handera or a Palm m505, or a Visor Edge for my testing/development needs?)

TRG? Palm? Handspring? Are you listening?

I need some hardware to begin supporting the CF, SD, Springboard support in pilot-link.

I can’t keep paying for these toys on my own (this doesn’t include my two Cybiko handhelds, my two iPAQs and wireless sleeve, my VTech Helio, and my numerous cards, Palm/PDA clip-on attachments, and other PDA gadgets).

Ok, now onto the Java source in the tree..

How much more of my life is going to implode before I do?

Long Time No Post

How much more of my life is going to implode before I do?

truck: dead

gnu-designs: monthly hosting charges just doubled, struggling to hold it up on my own

erika: lots and lots of pain, must fix, CV done, moving forward, don’t let go

work: [CENSORED]

health: lost too much weight, no energy, deteriorating, rationing meals, sleep erratic, more headaches followed by bloody noses, waif

code: what? completely different language to me now, it’s like Latin, parts of the words look similar, but the whole sentence doesn’t make sense

money: I haven’t seen it in so long, I forgot what it looks like, still haven’t done my taxes, Pfizer screwed me on my vacation pay, nailed me on business taxes, may have to cash out 401k just to survive

friends: who?

hardware: laptop_1: LCD dead, laptop_2: PCMCIA slot dead, home server: dead, year-old Hitachi 21″ monitor: dead

condo: white, white prison walls on all sides, no furniture, huge empty overly-expensive prison, trapped, suffocating

Now I’ve had to let go of two of my employees at gnu-designs. Relegated them back to normal users. If people are tasked with keeping up with billing our customers, and don’t… for over a year… what do you do?

I’ve been footing the bill for their (ab)use of the server, and received nothing in return, except a bill from the provider for bandwidth usage. Meanwhile these two employees get paid directly by customers in cash for their “design” of the customer sites. Not exactly a fair relationship.


Palm Open Directory Server (PODS)


mysql> select rowid,url,info from pods where 1 limit 0,1000; 523 rows in set (0.01 sec)

2½ weeks and counting.

This ISP Must Die, Palm Open Directory Syndicate, AvantGo


Ok, I’m beyond frustrated now. I’ve sent my last two emails to my ISP. There will be no more. (message one and message two)

They have finally managed to close off every single open port outbound and inbound on their routers, and now I can no longer log into them at all.

Apr  4 21:56:36 broccoli pppd[4192]: rcvd [PAP AuthNak id=0x2 "Other Failure"]
Apr  4 21:56:36 broccoli pppd[4192]: Remote message: Other Failure
Apr  4 21:56:36 broccoli pppd[4192]: PAP authentication failed
Apr  4 21:56:36 broccoli pppd[4192]: sent [LCP TermReq id=0x2 "Failed to authenticate ourselves to peer"]

Both of their support numbers are busy 24×7, even though they’re not a 24-hour shop. They do not respond to my emails, even though they guarantee a 48-hour response time. I am being billed for this “wonderful” service, and can’t even log in to use it.

Basically, I’m calling my bank, and filing a claim against them to have the charges they’ve made on my account removed, and let them respond to *THAT* instead.

Palm Open Directory Syndicate: PODS

Well, PODS is going well, I now have 470 links (cleaned up some dupes) in the database. All of these links point to Palm-formatted websites, which can be used sans modification on the Palm. I’m trying to clean up the links and create a good schema to represent and edit them, and then wrap that in a dmoz-like interface for managing them.

You can see an image of what it looks like here

And now the legal mess. What sort of sticky goop am I getting in by publishing these links? Clearly this content is not linked directly from anywhere on the web, or if it is, it’s quite hard to find. It took a lot of URI massaging, google searching, and some other means to get this many links in there. It was so far, only a week’s worth of work. No “illegal” means were used to get these links, it was all publicly available.

I keep falling into more pandora’s boxes of links and jump sites to more links. I’m interested in providing a broad range of content for the Palm users to use (with Plucker, Sitescooper, and similar client applications). I don’t want to defraud the content providers in any way, and in fact, I’d like to help them. I’ve already received two replies from people I’ve emailed to ask for the location of their “hidden” URI so I could point Plucker and Sitescooper at them.

[…] The person I am speaking of was graceful enough to allow me to use his writings but we have an agreement that the material not be distributed and he be kept anonymous. With this in mind, I must decline your request. The AvantGo platform does not allow copy/paste and is for this reason an excellent tool to slow down illegal distribution. I am not saying you would distribute this but we need to keep a policy which can be kept consistent.

…and another

[…] As a content provider, the nice thing about AvantGo is that I can insure that the only people who access the “lean” content are those using AvantGo. This insures that regular web surfers will always use the full version of the site, and therefore my advertising revenues continue. […]

It’s interesting that they both mention AvantGo in here with regard to providing access to this “lean” content. I don’t think making these links (all 470 and growing) public is in any way “distibuting illegal content”, nor would it defraud content providers of advertising revenue.

Contrary to what AvantGo may believe, AvantGo doesn’t own this content, nor have they cornered the market on distribution of “lean” content. There are better alternatives out there, guys.

Any comments? I’m interested to hear any and all sides of this.

Enough for now. Diary moresome later.

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