The Luck Never Ends

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We decided to finally commit to buying a “real” grill, for our summer cookouts, instead of wishing we had one.

After much reading, we decided to get a Weber Genesis Silver B, from a local dealer. The purchase was flawless, and we got a few free items to boot (free propane fill, free Weber canvas grill cover, and free delivery.. that night). We decided to get one in a box, instead of taking the floor model (which was the only black one left). We ended up with a dark blue unit. I’m not partial, its a grill, after all, not a sports car.

Weber Genesis Silver B

After unboxing the unit and beginning the easy assembly, I noticed something odd..

There were two “condiment baskets”, and a missing “right-side trim piece” (where you hang your utensils, which cleans up the open tube ends at the right-side of the grill).

Sigh. After the horror from StorkCraft, I dreaded contacting Weber to let them know the dilemma.

I called their toll-free number and spoke with “Amy”, a very helpful operator. I mentioned that we just bought the grill about an hour ago, and found two condiment baskets, and no right-side trim piece. She apologized, and helped me register my grill in a few pain-free moments, and said they’d send out a new piece in a day or two.

I asked her if she wanted the spare condiment basket back, and she said no. Jokingly she said:

“Keep it as a spare”

…and I said:

Oh yes, because we go through condiment baskets like you can’t imagine!

We both had a laugh, and she shared her favorite recipe with me, and told me to try it.. beer-can chicken!

All in all, painless fixes to the problem at hand. Our first meal on the new grill went perfectly. I can’t wait to try some of the more-exotic recipes..

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