WTHIWWP or “What the Heck Is Wrong With People”? Part I

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I was reading a recent post by Bruce Schneier called “The War on the Unexpected“, when I stumbled across this other blog cross-reference. In short:

If dad goes for a walk with his daughter and holds her hand, apparently Virginia Department of Health officials wants you to pick up the phone and destroy his life by reporting him as a possible sexual abuser. I would’ve thought this article about this campaign was from the Onion or some satirical publication, but it’s for real.

I have a 3+ year old daughter. She’s the light of my life, and hearing these things just makes me sick. Where have we gone wrong as a society, when we can’t even let our children dress up in cat suits for Halloween, without someone putting some sexual undertones on it, or claming one or both of the parents are pedophiles?

Being a Good Parent is NOT Pedophelia

From one of the comments in the blog:

…it appears there is a concerted effort to remove the man from our society. Almost any wild accusation can land him charges for rape, with no possible defense and a flock of protesters to ruin his life. Being seen helping a child can brand him as a sexual predator. Asking a child a question can do the same thing. Now we’re supposed to believe that holding your own child’s hand is grounds for prosecution?

What possible defense can the father have against such a campaign of terror? Men aren’t allowed to defend themselves against women, aren’t allowed to have relationships with women, and now they cannot even lay a claim of caring for their children?

I’m ashamed to live in a world so hell-bent on vilifying people for no practical reason.. it means we have almost no values left to defend.

Am I supposed to constantly be looking over my shoulder every time I’m at the playground, for fear that I’m being scrutinized while I’m in public with my daughter?

Is everyone so overcome with such blind zealotry that they would rather destroy a child’s life through inquisition than allow a father to show affection for his own children?!

There’s another story, where a 5 year-old boy was suspended from kindergarten, because he pinched another classmate’s butt in play..
The teacher that wrote him up, called the incident “sexual harassment”. What kind of 5 year-old boy even knows what “sex” is?

Everything has changed. The terrorists have already won. They’ve turned us into a state of panic and paranoia, and they didn’t even have to invade to do it.

What the Heck is Wrong with People?

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