What Have We Become?

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Lazy Man Walks Dog I was out making my daily trip to the post office to retrieve my mail and ship some packages.

Just as I was about to walk up the outside ramp into the post office, an SUV pulls up to the curb about 10 feet from the front door of the post office, and a woman rolls down the window and asks me if I’m going into the post office.

I said “Yes?” and she said “Can you go in there and buy me a stamp?” and she starts thumbing through her purse for some change to buy a single postage stamp.

I said “No, sorry. I won’t be standing in line.” and she gave me a very confused look.

What have we become, when we can’t even get out of our own vehicles to walk 20 steps into the post office to buy a single stamp. They even have these nice, convenient machines that you put coins into, and you get stamps in return. You don’t even have to stand in line.

Has our society become so lazy that they can’t even get out of their own chairs and use their muscles to move?

I’m happy I’ve risen far above this mess that everyone else seems to be pulled into.

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