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    I managed to get to the local CompUSA here in town, and picked up a new Sony CLIE handheld. This one has a jogdial, and Memory Stick external upgradable storage. It comes with an additional 8-meg stick of memory, but I opted to get an additional 64 megs for use with Plucker and some other apps I’ll be testing on it. Right now you can’t run applications from it, but you can use it for DOC and db storage.

    After tearing open the box, and sticking in a new 64-meg Memory Stick, I charged it up and tried some hacking. It comes with a USB cradle (arg!). I managed to rape the usbserial.c code and hack together a clie.o module. It “almost” worked. Just a few more tweaks, and I think I’ll get it.

    I think supporting the Jogdial in Plucker is going to be next, with the jogdial-in function (pressing the jogdial button in) setting a “chevron” for bookmarks in the page.

    That was day one with the unit. Wait until the weekend comes! I’ll work with kroah on it and see what we can come up with. I want to “own” this one. My First Kernel Module.

Palm again…

    Looks like even though I’ve signed and delivered several NDA agreements to Palm® over 12 months ago, they still refuse to give me full developer access to their Pavilion. I can only get to the OS 3.5 stuff, and their phone system is atroscious. It tells me to hold for an operator, then hangs up on me. Every time. One of my coworkers signed up, faxed in some NDAs, and had his full OS4 access within an hour. Apparently I have to sign, and snail mail two copies of three separate NDA agreements in order to gain access. WTF?!


    Here’s a screenshot of the new layout I’m working on. Looks mighty sweet.


    Pushing 22GB of data across a potentially flawed NIC driver over rsync is not fun, not when you fill up the drive by accident. D’OH!


    Travel sucks. Going to Colorado in January, then New York, then back to SF. I hate flying.

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