Holy Hackery

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Random Hackery

  • Talked to lewing about it. Seems there’s some issues with test11 kernels. I upgraded to test13-pre3-ac3 and all seems well. Even my previous VMWare problems were solved. I managed to get the latest gnome-pilot up and running. It heavily depends on my releases of pilot-link.

  • The conduits seem to work, now to deal with the USB code, and work on getting Category support inherited into Contact records. jpr and I have to figure out how to do appointments which span beyond midnight in the Datebook conduit (multi-day appointments). Palm© itself doesn’t even support this behavior (yet?).


  • I talked to several high-level application designers about the code in pilot-link, and we all agree. Much of it has to go south. Nuking globals. Nuking redundant replicated functions, cleaning up argument parsing. Generally rewriting it from the inside out. I can’t abruptly break binary or source compatibility, but things have to change to “move forward”. Lots of good changes going into this one. Tracking towards a 1.0 release. That TODO list continues to grow.


  • Work is… well… work. Lots to do, not enough time to do it, and with insufficient resources. Have to keep my head above water.

These things are not my fault.


  • I may end up getting my butt over to the Ottowa Linux Symposium. Have to find some people to talk to, and get my paper in, and get it approved by “The Company(tm)”. It would be worthwhile to present some information there about what I do in the community.


  • Looks like I’ll be speaking at Linux World Expo this year in New York on the Bootable Business Card (otherwise known as the BBC). I have to figure out some slides and bits to chatter about.

The Past

” Don’t just dream dreams, live them.”

  • I’ve been spending a large percent of my free thinking time dealing with my past (what little I remember of it, thanks to that nice accident incident in 1992). Choices I made have made me who I am. Introspection. What if I chose differently? Would I be alive? It’s finally time for me to concede that I’m done being transitory. I have to be stable, because she needs me. I need her. Life is about change. Sometimes we agree with the change, sometimes it’s inevitable.

“All things must change to something new, to something strange.” -Longfellow

The Truck

  • The saga continues. Now I have a very strong gasoline smell in the cabin of the truck and around it when I park. Could be a carbeurator thing. The windshield now has a crack from bottom to top, right in the center of the glass. Loud rapping noises from the engine. I wish I lived closer to work or BART, so I didn’t have to drive. It’s going to die soon, leaving me stranded.

Sleep is for mortals

  • It seems my sleep schedule has now flipped, due to exhaustion and diet changes. I’m now fully awake from about 8:00pm one night through midnight until 5:00pm the next day. Lay down for 3 hours, lather, rinse, repeat. I am much more productive from the hours of midnight until 5-6:00am it seems. Have to tinker with this a bit more.

Goals (unordered)

  • Workity, workity, work.
  • Get Lisp under my hat-o-skills
  • Replace/nuke/bury the truck.
  • Health (MRI, headaches, bloody noses)
  • Logistics of moving Erika here.
  • Remaining taxes from CT.
  • Relocation closer to SF. Loft living?
  • Plucker Perl Spider
  • pilot-link 0.9.5 release
  • and anything else I forgot.


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