The Ineptitude of the Masses

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  1. The United States Postal Service lost a package I sent on 6/8/2002 which contained legal US Copyright documents awaiting 8 signatures from our team dispersed around the globe.

    I specifically sent it Certified and Registered with all the bells and whistles. When I sent it, I specifically asked them what I needed to do so that it was trackable and to make sure it didn’t get lost in the ocean somewhere.

    Now they can’t track it, and can’t tell me where it is.

  2. My laptop was sent to IBM service, under warantee for a repeated random power-off problem. The technician I spoke with when I reported it said it’s a rare, but reported problem. He also recommended I “upgrade my Win98 APM drivers first”. I calmly mentioned I didn’t run Windows and that it happens even when I hit F1 and leave it in the BIOS screen. He told me to install Windows and upgrade the APM drivers anyway. Uhm..

    The laptop arrived safely, and they now tell me that they can’t reproduce the problem and are going to send it back to me.

.oO(Why do I always get the idiots?)

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