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“What color does a fish get when you take away their oxygen?”
B L U E(fish)

Laptop Repair

    Several days ago my shiny new IBM T23 laptop died with a very rare, but “seen” problem. It would randomly just power off in the middle of whatever. Host OS didn’t seem to matter (native Linux and native Windows had the same exact symptoms), and it would do it if I left the laptop in the F1 BIOS screen.

    I called IBM, they overnighted a shipping box for the laptop, all pre-paid. As promised I received the box yesterday afternoon from Airborne Express. I promptly packed the laptop as instructed, filled out the proper manifest and inventory control forms, and taped the box shut.

    I called Airborne Express to schedule a pickup, which was scheduled for today between 9am and 4pm EST. It is now 3:40pm EST. I just called Airborne Express to inquire as to the status of my pickup…

    Apparently the driver said he called 5 TIMES, and the phone was busy every time he called. He also said he showed up at the house, saw two doorbells, didn’t know which one to ring, so he got in his truck and drove away.. without ringing any of them!

    My shipping order clearly stated “Second Floor”. I’ve received telephone calls today without any problems. I can believe that he called once, and got a busy signal, maybe twice.. but 5 times? No. I’ve been here all day, the phone has ringed a total of three times, two were wrong numbers.

    Why do I always get the inept, downtrodden, idiots, and why are they almost always responsible for my stress and delays in my productivity?

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