Professional Thieves and Bad Luck

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compiler, they sure don’t get how to make a website. White links on a white background? I thought something was wrong, and there is.. their code.

Professional Thieves Issue #2

    My truck was broken into again. This time it was parked in the locked, gated, remote-controlled-access parking facility that my condo provides.

    Only one item was taken, the remote control which opens the sliding gate to the condo facility parking garage which about 20 other tenants use to park their cars in. It was definately a professional thief this time, judging by the way they got into my rear sliding windows. They must have been interrupted though, since they neglected to cover up the entry point. If they had, I might not have known.

    I’ve put up signs around the facility directly implicating management for a faulty “back door” in the garage which allows people to get in without a key. When I was posting them, a tenant told me several months ago, she had the same problem, her car and stereo were ransacked, and management said they were not responsible. This time, they are…

    I’m going to attend the “Condo Association” meeting this month and let my voice be heard. Believe me, mine is not a voice you want to hear when I’m pissed.

    This is two break-ins in less than two months. Why is my truck a target? After two incidents of vandalism at dsifry‘s place causing several hundred dollars in repairs, to the slashed tires, and now these. It’s a bit unnerving for a 13-year old Jeep pickup to be singled out in this way.

How many mirrors do I have to break?

    Following my wonderful luck streak, after 7 weeks of waiting and doing the dance with a local DSL provider and the telephone company (explain to me again how the telco that provides my line for my analog service can’t verify my address, when it’s on the bill every month and I’ve emailed it to them three times), my DSL is scheduled to be installed on Monday morning from 8am to 12pm. GREAT!

    Then I get an email that my presence is required onsite Monday, all day at the office. Now I have to wait a minimum of 5 more weeks to reschedule the DSL install.

    Why did it have to be Monday?

    Anyone know a good witchdoctor that can remove this vex from my life, please? email me if you do. I don’t understand why people who are so giving of themselves, so self-sacrificing, get this type of return. I think it’s time I got a little break here.

    My girlfriend is racing today. I hope she does well. She’s coming out next week for a former coworker of mine’s marriage. This should be interesting. For a relationship separated by 3,051 miles, we’re seeing quite a lot of each other lately. She’ll be back out here on the 19th as well to see my friend Kerry play in Berkeley at Blakes. If you haven’t seen her play yet, and are in the Bay Area, definately go. You might even get to meet me (can’t miss the tattoos).

    Ok, back to the task list I go.. busy weekend it will be!

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