Neuter his parents so they can’t breed anymore

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chakie, yakk: Guns don’t kill people. It’s those small pointy lead things traveling at a high velocity that kill people.

Seriously though, this kid knew exactly what he was doing with the gun. When the courts, defense attorneys, parents say that the child is too young to understand, I have to laugh. He loaded the gun. He packed it in his bag. He brought it out when the taught refused to listen to him. He cocked it and put it to his head when the teacher further refused to listen. He pulled the trigger and fired. At the trial, when asked

…and what did the
teacher do after you shot him?..

and the 14-year old kid responded

What do you think he did?

Sorry, guilty.

The parents should be neutered so they can’t breed any more, and be forced to go to weekly counseling at the prison for the same duration that their son is there, just like probation. At their expense, not ours.

I’m not thrilled at the prospect of paying for families on welfare that pump out kids annually, using my hard-earned tax dollars, so they can get another $500/head for them, then pay for these kids to shoot my relatives and friends in schools, then pay for their stay in prison while they earn a college degree in prison that they’ll never be able to use. Some of these families make more money than I do, and they’re unemployed.

No thanks.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I keep being the target of theft and people are just sucking off me like leeches. I’m tired of feeding everyone else but myself.

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