Post Christmas Blues

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grog: I’m sorry about your recent loss. Heartfelt apologies go out to you and Yvonne.

Christmas is over

    It’s funny to see how fast people get Christmas over with. Christmas starts sometime in July (if the department store displays are to be believed), and yet the day after Christmas, trees are on the curbs, husbands are winding up coils of lights from the bushes, and it seems to be over.

    …except when you return to the workplace. Monday morning was barren. I think there were 12 people total in the office, and I was 1 of them.


    Looks like I have a nice, organized, full plate of tasks to bite into for the next quarter. I’ll not list them here, but quite a bit of Palm® hacking will be in order. If I get some time, I might look into prc-tools, and try to help johnm out with
    that at some point. Anyone else who wants to jump in, by all means…


    boris: I feel for you with the telco madness.

    Pacific Bell certainly has a bug up their ass about me having phone service with them. I had similar problems back in CT with SNET.

    I started phone service with Pacific Bell back when I moved here, had it for a week, then house-sat for dsifry for a full month. When I returned, my phone bill at home had grown to $237.00, and was terminated. None of the numbers I called were my own (largely because I was not even at home that entire month). After arguing with them to waive this deposit to restore service, I just got service again (different number,
    different options) 3 weeks ago. Promptly on Monday morning at 7:00am, they once again terminated my service, before I even got my first statement on that number, and wanted me to pay another $90.00 deposit to restore service.

    I really don’t want to resort to some knowledge I’ve “obtained” in my past (for educational purposes only) to continue to make phone calls. I still have some “equipment” at the house.. Really guys, get a clue please.


    Lately my time has been spent investigating the difference between the Intel
    eepro/100 driver
    and the Becker driver. Have to do some pseudocode workarounds here for a client. Can’t say more at this point.


    I’ve been tinkering with some really complex HTML pages lately, trying to get them to validate against the spec at Fun, and not.

Lots to do, not enough time, you know the rest…

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