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Caught a last-minute bug in pilot-link within hours after the 0.11.2 release, and released 0.11.3 to fix that. OOPS!

That makes 4 releases in less than a month. EESH!

Needles and Ink

    Stevey, speaking as one with 3 piercings and full sleeves shoulder to wrist, I can say we are around, there are many of us. I don’t look like a developer when I attend conferences, which is somtimes a good thing. I was in ‘Skin and Ink’ in 1998 for my work, after going to ‘Inkin the Valley’ in Philadelphia. One of the photographers wanted to do a shoot of the work.

    Funny thing happened when one of the “live” reporters at the conference stopped me as I walked by (note, he was “live” on the air) and asked “Sir, sir, you with the tattoos. How many tattos do you have?” and I replied “One, it’s just not all connected yet.”

    The one on my right arm needs color, but the artist seems to not like returning phone calls, and he’s never at the shop.

    People without ink don’t seem to get the addiction to tattoos. The smell of green soap, the sounds of the needlebars, the hilarious customers…

    Spending 20 minutes in a chair for someone new to tattoos, all they remember is “pain”.

    Spending 4.5 hours in the chair while they work under your bicep and armpit, gives you a whole new appreciaion for the art, and you don’t even feel the needlebars.

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