pilot-link 0.11.2 and abusive Web Spiders

Tuesday, August 6th, 2002 at 12:00 am | 1,552 views | trackback url

pilot-link 0.11.2

    Just released 0.11.2 a few minutes ago, with several critical bugfixes, BSD/OS 4.3 support, and now with a first pass at FreeBSD and OSX native USB device support. Now it’s time to walk through the code with lclint() and valgrind and see what else I can squeeze out.

    Whew. 3 releases in a less than a month, all with a faulty laptop limping along during the process.

    Now back to my new Plucker website design and email-only interface to Plucker. Seems there’s a few bugs in Config::Simple that I have to work around right now. I have some neat remote directory rendering code in the new design too, and much more interactivity.

    I hope this brings us a larger userbase, and a community willing to support our efforts.

“No soup for you, google, permanently!”

    Due to excessive abuse from google’s spiders, I have now permanently blocked their entire netblock from every single machine that I maintain… which is quite a few. I just removed the iptables rules I had on one production machine, thus unblocking them, and almost immediately 40 concurrent instances of their spider slammed directly into my ViewCVS and Chora instance, going after every single file, version, diff, query, and view linked from there (about 20 projects), completely ignoring robots.txt in the process.

    No more for them. Buh-bye.


    Status: None, 263 days.

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