Phone Rape

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Phone Rape

I just received my January phone bill from PacBell. Total amount: $1294.18!!!!

Apparently they believe that I spent 8588.0 minutes on the phone last month. That’s sort of odd, considering I was in New York at LinuxWorld for about 8 or 9 of those days.

There will be a very loud session between myself and them. Last month, they ‘suspended’ my service because my bill had exceeded $174.00, but now they seem to think it’s ok to let me continue to happily dial along with a $1294.18 balance.

I need to find a local ISP in the Bay Area. Seems nobody has 650 dialups, and anything outside of about a mile radius of me is a “local long distance” call, so I get nailed with 0.15/minute during the nights and evenings and .30 during the day.

Anyone know any ISPs I could look into (that accept dialup, since DSL is not available here). I’m not that close to my COs (Central Office).

California is definately the worst place I’ve ever seen for bandwidth. WAY to spotty and random, and with these microscopic calling areas, it’s worse.

Eating is unhealthy

It seems that my ‘Caloric Restriction’ tests on myself were overwhelmingly successful, however now I’ve put myself into a very dangerous position of anemia. I’m seeing some aftereffects of that ‘experiment’. Fatigue, frustration, short temper, headaches, cloudy head. All of these are directly related to an extreme iron deficiency.

We’ll see what the doctor thinks.

I’m going to approach this much more scientifically soon. I need to get Gnutrition working on my box again. I think I broke MySQL on my box. Ack!

It would be nice if I could also sync Gnutrition with my Palm-side shopping list, so I could keep track of what goes where. Maybe a version for Celiacs too?

Yes, I read my logs…

I’m seeing some interesting SYN attacks hit my server lately. Time to tighten netfilter on the box.

I’m too furious to think of anything more at this point.

Too much work to do today.

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