Last-minute Christmas stuff

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“A good conscience is a continual Christmas.”

I sit.
I code.
I wither.

I’ve never had a Christmas, and this year is no exception (not by choice). Looks like New Years isn’t going to find me in New York City this year. That will be the first time I miss that in 6 years straight. Last year in Times Square was a blast. I took the Metro North down with elorg.

Erika, I hope your Christmas is as happy as you hoped. You are wanted and needed by many people, and I’m only one of them.


Playing with a very cool new layout idea I had for the Plucker site. There’s a new site launch coming up. I can’t quite get the “compartments” laid out right. Weird hash array references. Damn logic. I can’t process thought right now.

sub content {
if (exists $content{$action}) {
   if (ref $content{$action} eq "ARRAY") {
      for my $sub (@{$content{$action}}) {
   } else {
} else {


my $sub = do {     
   local $^W = 0;
    $content{$action} || &blank_content_area;

I’m sure dhd would be able to help me with it.


The stomach has stopped growling as much as before, but now I definately feel some very specific physical effects of my little diet experiment. I am much “weaker” when I’m up and around. It seems like my joints are a bit less padded.

Walking down stairs feels like jamming my knees and hips now. I’m about to give up on this, and persue some focused eating habits with small, hyper-nutritious meals. It’s also played havoc with my rest periods.

It’s clear that my mind is an order of magnitude sharper with substantially decreased nutrition, however my body suffers. I’m not sure how to balance this out, or how far it can go.

Mountains of South City

I should get out of the house more. I really hate driving. The stress with the truck, and the threat of being stopped by the locals keeps me at home.

My bike seems to be calling out for me to get back on it and find a local trail. If anyone wants to go riding, and live in the Bay Area, contact me. I’m pretty gonzo in the woods, the more technical the better. So far, all I could find was this for a trail map.

I wonder if my PalmV gps would be handy in the woods out here.


Too much lingering. I’m trying to cut out the larger of the projects from my plate, so I can focus on the much more interesting projects. I bit too much off at once. Seems every time I ask for some assistance, people vanish, then complain that I’m not doing enough. I don’t really feel wanted when things get like that.

Stress is at an all-time high. Must relax.


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Lastly, for those who celebrate some sort of holiday this season, HAPPY HOLIDAY!

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