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MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook is here!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010
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The folks at Remember the Milk have finally come out of beta on their “MilkSync for Outlook” plugin (only for Pro users, sorry to all you non-subscribing users, but you can upgrade to a Pro account). It does exactly what it claims to do, and does it well. I highly recommend installing it, if you’re […]

SOLVED: Sharing TweetDeck settings across multiple Windows and Linux machines

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
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I’ve been using TweetDeck for quite some time on Linux, after I managed to get getting Twhirl working on Linux under 64-bit Adobe Air. TweetDeck is a lovely app, graceful and very useful. It has its minor visual and UI bugs, but it’s the best I’ve seen out of the other hundreds of Twitter apps […]

SOLVED: Calendar Printing Assistant for Office 2010

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
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I installed the “Calendar Printing Assistant” for Office 2007 in a VM, and was very impressed with the output. Slick and lots of choices. I recently upgraded to Office 2010, and have been tinkering with the conversion of my Office 2007 daily usage in a VM to the Office 2010 usage in a VM, but […]

HOWTO Enable “God Mode” in Windows 7

Monday, March 1st, 2010

This past weekend, I “upgraded” my Lenovo Thinkpad x61s laptop from XP Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate, in preparation for some new gadgets I’m planning on testing with it. Anyone who knows me well enough, knows I’m definitely NOT a Windows fan, but I do have to use it for some of my proprietary peripherals, […]

How to Become a High-Tech Minimalist

Sunday, December 13th, 2009
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This will be the first in a series of posts I’ll write about going minimal as a technologist in today’s world. The mere mention of the word “minimalist” or “minimalism” to most people means “getting rid of luxuries and convenience”, and going back to basics. The former is just a myth, but the latter is […]

Encrypting EVERYTHING With geli On FreeBSD

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I’ve been a long-time user and supporter of FreeBSD ever since I was exposed to it by Greg Lehey and Ceren Ercen back in the Linuxcare days. I’ve come to enjoy its security, speed and powerful simplicity. The FreeBSD documentation is also unrivaled in the community. But I also realized that securing the system itself […]

SOLVED: How to Disable Ctrl-Q in Firefox

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

As a hardcore Firefox user with no less than 30-50 tabs loaded in the browser at any given time, it always annoyed me that they put the shortcut for closing a tab (Ctrl-W), right next to the shortcut for closing the entire browser itself (Ctrl-Q). I have 38 extensions loaded into Firefox right now as […]

Testing the Speed of BlackBerry Tethering Against My Own Networks

Saturday, November 14th, 2009
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I’ve been a long-time Cingular customer with my phones, and when they converted to AT&T, everything got wildly complex. My normal monthly phone bill is hovering between $225.00 and $250.00 each month (yes, really… see below): This bill consists of my handheld (BlackBerry Bold, $99/month unlimited data + voice + text) + SIM card (inside […]

Finally done with Xobni, for the 9th time (and for good)

Friday, July 24th, 2009

After extensive testing of Xobni’s Outlook search tool through several versions and iterations (including being on their beta testing team), I’m finally giving it up, for good. It simply does not work for an Outlook user at the level where I use Outlook (hundreds of emails a day, hundreds of thousands of emails in the […]

A Labyrinth of Calendaring

Sunday, March 15th, 2009
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Whew! This week has been absolutely amazing for me, lots of postive successes on all fronts; work and personal. So much energy and glow all around, it’s so very motivating and invigorating. With all of this activity going on, I’ve been focusing a lot on managing my calendars a bit more efficiently than I probably […]

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