No more criminals for president. Not this time. Never again.

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No more Hillary Clinton - no more fraudI rarely speak out on specific presidential candidates, but I’ve pretty much had enough of this comedy unfolding that we call our political process. With Trump making a complete arse of himself, Ted Cruz saying “we need another war president” and other candidates flat-out lying, making up facts and paying third-party companies to create false campaigns and disinformation on their competition, I’ve had it.

The worst offender? That’s right… Hillary Rodham Clinton. A felon, admittedly breaking dozens of federal laws, and trying to use her fame to erase the legality of those laws. Her campaign continues to build on its own corruption, greed and malice.

Now, after openly admitting she had classified information in the form of emails and attachments, on her own private email server in her home, the State Department is trying to delay the release of those emails until after the Iowa caucus, because the release would be so utterly damaging to her campaign, that she would lose that caucus and have to forego the general election.

But we’re not talking about a few classified emails, we’re talking about 50,000 classified emails. The first wave is to release 9,000 of them, but her campaign wants a 1-month extension, until just after the Iowa numbers are counted, before releasing them. They have the emails now, they’re not going anywhere, so why the delay?

Of course we know why. Because most people don’t know the fraud she’s committing and the federal laws she’s breaking. If this was any citizen in the US population, anyone in the service, active duty military, reservist or retired veteran, they would be put into prison and charged with treason along with other crimes.

I’m still floored that anyone would electively put their vote to this woman to put her into office.

To vote for Hillary Clinton would be a vote against the foundational morals this country was founded upon. It would, quite-literally, be un-American to give her your vote.

You don’t need more reasons than she’s a felon, running for president, but let’s total those crimes, misdeeds, outright deception and lies and see what else she’s done to further hurt this country:

  1. Takes millions in speaking fees from Wall Street while pretending to speak for the little people 1 2 3 4 5 6

  2. Says she doesn't know what Bernie Sanders means by "the establishment", says she's not a part of it 1 2

  3. Transmitted classified intelligence over unsecured channels… 1 2 3 4 5

  4. … then joked during a press conference about wiping her server clean "with a cloth or something" 1

  5. … and laughs off everything she doesn't want to talk about in general 1

  6. … including when she was asked by a reporter whether she would release the transcript from her paid speeches at Goldman Sachs 1

  7. Offered a Vermont newspapers off the record anti-Sanders tips 1 2

  8. Lies about her opponent's health care program 1

  9. Is said, by an ex Wall Street trader with 20 years of experience, to have turned the Democratic Party "from a party against Wall Street to a party of Wall Street" 1

  10. Sends her daughter to lie about her opponent's health care program 1

  11. … and to speak to NYC fundraisers hosted by Wall Street bankers, where attendees can "pay $2700 for a picture" with her 1

  12. Has a son-in-law who is an ex Goldman Sachs investment banker and hedgefund co-founder 1

  13. Voted for the invasion of Iraq 1

  14. Voted for the PATRIOT Act 1

  15. Voted for the 2006 renewal of the PATRIOT Act 1

  16. Questions her older opponent's health while she was hospitalized for a concussion and a blood clot 3 years ago 1

  17. Voted for the 2001 Bankruptcy Legislation which would have made it harder for struggling Americans to declare bankruptcy, after expressing her opposition to the bill when she was First Lady 1

  18. Believed that marriage was defined as between a man and woman and reversed her position only in 2013 when it became politically convenient 1

  19. Received millions in shady donations for her foundation while she was Secretary of State… 1

  20. … the same foundation whose donors got weapons deals when she was Secretary of State 1

  21. Makes her fans wait hours for a five-minute speech… 1

  22. … while she gives closed doors fundraisers for rich donors 1 2 3

  23. Is the first presidential candidate in History to be under investigation by the FBI during a campaign 1 2

  24. Pretends to speak for the black community when she campaigned for Barry Goldwater back in the '60s, who was fighting against civil rights 1

  25. Led a legislative campaign against video games in 2005, by pushing for the Family Entertainment Protection Act, which would have criminalized the sale of games rated "Mature" or "Adults Only" to minors, arguing that "violent video games are stealing the innocence of our children" 1 2 3 4

  26. Doesn't support clemency for Edward Snowden 1

  27. Wants a "Manhattan Project" to break encryption and force tech companies to plant backdoors in their products 1 2 3 4 5 6

  28. Praised the repeal of Glass-Steagall 1

  29. Supported the TPP 1 calling it the "gold standard in trade agreements".

  30. Opposes a carbon tax 1

  31. Took donations from federally registered lobbyists or PACs for private prison companies until October 2015 1

  32. Originally supported the Keystone pipeline, and now says "no comment"

  33. Clinton Slams Sanders' Free College Idea By Invoking Donald Trump's Kids 1

  34. On Marijuana, Hillary Clinton Sides with Big Pharma and gets more money from them than any other candidate 1 and despite naming the pharmaceutical industry as one of her greatest "enemies", has received more money from drug companies than any other candidate 2 3 4 5

  35. No Reporters Allowed At Hillary’s Wall Street Speeches 1

Is that enough? Or do you need more proof?

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