Never enough hours in the day

Thursday, July 8th, 2004 at 1:38 pm | 1,738 views | trackback url

Time just slips right on past meHave you ever had one of those years, where you’re just so busy, you forget to eat, or sleep, or even go to the bathroom? I’ve been having 5 of those years in a row. I literally plod along and work, work, work.. until 12 hours later, I think to myself.. “Self, you forgot to eat breakfast!”, and now it’s dinnertime.

I am so incredibly busy now with work and work lining up for the summer season, that I’m completely losing track of time, as my days slip right through my fingers, and I don’t even realize it. With clients stacking up on my right, ongoing contracts stacking up on my left, and my own Free Software work and maintenance stacking up somewhere on the edges waiting to find a place to slip through, it is getting very difficult to manage everything all at once. I think I need a secretary. Seriously.

And now I have a daughter to tend to, watch her grow, and help her become the best she can be. Oh, and that house renovation to complete, my own health and hobbies to deal with, and somewhere in there, find a sliver of minutes or hours to spend some quality time with my wife.

Somehow, I always find a way to get everything done, on-time, and with enough sanity left to wake up fresh for the next day.

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