July 4th Brings out the Zombies

Monday, July 5th, 2004 at 2:25 pm | 1,240 views | trackback url

Road RageIt looks like there must be some sort of biological or cyclical phenomenon that brings out the idiots right around the holidays.

Why is it people insist on driving 90mph in a 65mph zone, then race up on the left or right of you, barely slip in-between you and the car in front of you, then jam on their brakes, because they’re going too damn fast!

They don’t want to rear-end the car in front of you, but they seem to think its OK if they force you to rear-end them instead. I’m going to start carrying a video camera in the car, and filming these cave-persons behind the wheel, just in case there’s an accident, I’ll have it all on tape.

I don’t quite understand the whole competitive edge behind getting one (1) car length ahead of where they were before. Is getting only one car further ahead really that important, so important that causing an accident is something they’re willing to do?

I’ve taken to seeing this coming, when they tailgate you, then try to pass you when a gap opens in the next-lane over. I just speed up, and box them in against the next car up in the next lane over, and they’re forced to slip in behind me again. I’ll do it again and again, and even slow down to 55mph as I creep past an 18-wheeler in the other lane, just to see their faces cramp up and sense their blood boiling behind me.

You want road rage, bring it on, miscreant. I’ll show you road rage.

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