Locking down users, SourceFubar.Net and the Embedded Linux course I’m writing

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Cellblock 3, LOCKDOWN!

In the process of relocating my server and network from CT to CA, I have done some major cleanups on the mirror. It’s running a hardened Debian build now, and is tighter than a drum.

I have been successful in implenting a quota on chrooted ssh shells (yes, I’ll certainly document this and post a link when I’m done), and locked them down pretty tightly. What is this for? I am now expanding my services and opening up the cvs to the general public community. The server can now be used as a public cvs, web, database, development platform for anyone who has an open source project and wants to house it there.

Currently there are about a dozen public projects in the cvs and about a dozen others not public in there also.

…and because of these changes, now we can offer…

A Free Public CVS Server and Development Environment

I have put up a container page as a placeholder until the new domains come rolling in and get pointed to the new box (a million thanks go to rasmus for allowing me temporarily host it on his connection until I can find a provider here in CA.)

What’s “different” than other similar services?

  • No banners. Period. You will not ever see banners on this site at all, or any of the pages linked from it. We do not need to “…generate sustaining revenue…” to run this service or to keep it running.
  • High-quality tools. ViewCVS (highly customized), Mailman (mailing list management), Mantis (bug tracking), IRC services (localized and secured, in case your team needs a secure channel), provided for you and your team, all for free, as well as dozens of other tools to make your development tasks easier.
  • Absolutely secure (as can be). The machine is secured, the services are secured, and everything is logged and monitored. There will be no unexpected compromises or exploits executed on the box.
  • No SPAM emails. We don’t put up with SPAM, and neither should you. Your email address will not be used for “newsletters” or any other unsolicited dreck.
  • No clutter. Our design is simple, not confusing. Your development will not be burdoned by our tools, our website, or our facilities.

When we say free, we mean free, not free with “…fine print…” I’m open to suggestions of other tools and services we can provide, so if you have ideas or have a project you wish to host, please feel free to email me

Embedded Linux

The course is plodding along slowly. I’ve been delayed a bit by some cross-compiler mess, but I managed to squeak out a one-pass script to handle it all for me (or others) fairly painlessly. Now I’m back on track with writing chapters again. Lots of
things I’ve never done before in this course, so it’s a learning exercise as well as trial and error with my own skillset. Fun, but very high-octane on the deadlines.

Life’s been busy, but it’s moving along fast. Birthday comes up in about 2 weeks, turning The Big Three-OH.
Somehow I don’t feel any different. Am I supposed to?

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