cross-gcc toolchain build was a success!

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I have now tamed the 8-headed hydra of a beast which calls itself cross-gcc. After beating my head against the wall tracking down bugs deep into the guts and bowels of gcc and glibc, I figured it all out.

In the spirit of open source (“Release Early, Release Often”), I’ve whipped up a single-pass-build-script to make this all incredibly easy for anyone else to take advantage of.

Seems that every VA box I’m aware of (and many Andover boxes also) is/are down, except SourceForge. I would have personally preferred the opposite, but hey, that’s just my opinion (these include,,,,,, and others).
Some people believe it has to do with VA’s recent financial troubles.

Personally, I don’t get into the politics of any of this, but here’s the official Quit Today page for those who want a laugh.

I just tried to do a whois on each of these servers and noticed some interesting things:

# date
Sun Jun 24 05:41:54 EDT 2001

# whois
Whois Server Version 1.3

# whois
Whois Server Version 1.3

My current bet’s on more hacking going on. Nobody asked me to investigate this one though.

I ordered DSL finally, and will end up paying way too much for it. $99.00/month for 144k/144k of IDSL, not even real DSL. It’s all there is here, but that beats the 14.4k dialup performance I’ve been getting lately.


      1. I need to find someone in the Bay Area with a decent solid network connection to allow me to colocate a box on their segment for a few weeks until I can find another colocation provider out here. Mine just folded and is giving me until the second week of July to get my box out and all DNS records routed off (about 20 domains). Does anyone want to earn an extra $100/month or so to let a box sit under a table on
      1. their LAN segment for a few weeks? The box supports open source project development and some other domains, nothing heavy-hit at all, nothing illegal, just web, mysql, cvs, ssh.


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