Joys of Perl Volume 23

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002 at 12:00 am | 1,525 views | trackback url
my $line="";
my @unwrappeddata;
foreach (@body) { 
        chomp $_;
        if (m/^[^s=]+s+=s*/ || m/^[.*]$/) {
                $line .= " ";
                push @unwrappeddata, $line;
                $line = $_;
        } else {
                $line .= $_;
        last if /[end_template]/;
$line .= " ";
push @unwrappeddata, $line;

The new Plucker site is coming along very well. The code above is part of some of the trickery behind one of the tools I’ve written to add more interactivity to it — an email-only interface to Plucker for those without web, away from home, or on machines without a configured Plucker installation. The new site will also have quite a few new toys to play with as well.

So much work to do, so much learning. Many things I’ve never implemented in perl before.

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