IBM Lemon Law Continues…

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My T23 is being shipped back to IBM for the 4th time in less than 35 days. More hard-lockups. Here’s how to cause it to happen:

  1. Pull out IDE drive, leaving only laptop + RAM
  2. Power up on AC or Battery power
  3. Hit F1 to enter BIOS Configuration Screen
  4. Select Config->Parallel Port
  5. Hit enter on Enable/Disable option
  6. Hard-lockup

The same happens on Serial, USB, PCI configuration options, and also happens with or without a drive in the laptop, and with two different sets of SODIMMs.

How many times do I have to send this back to them before I get a 100% functional unit?

DNS Expiring

    At the suggestion of rasmus last year, I signed up for EasyDNS and grabbed a 25-domain block. They’ve been nothing short of stellar with their service, both in actively stopping spam coming through their backup MX, and DNS configuration issues.

    Now that I haven’t successfully found gainful employment, and the renewal bill came in at $349.00, I can no longer afford to use them. I decided to learn bind, get DNS set up on a master and slave, and found out that EasyDNS doesn’t let me cut them off as my primary nameserver. Not cool, so I went to NSI and tried to change my entries there, and now NSI decides that it doesn’t know who I am.

    I have 4 days, lest 18 of my important domains fall off the net.

Beach Assault

    The caveman that jumped me at the beach on 6/30 and broke my nose in front of about 200 witnesses has plead guilty in his pre-trial, and has been ordered by the court to pay all of my medical expenses.

    Since I don’t have a job, and hence no medical insurance, the broken nose healed before he was ordered to pay. Ideally it’s good to get the nose fixed within 2-3 days after the initial break, or it’s harder to work on. Since that 2-3 days was over the July 4th weekend/holiday, I couldn’t get in to see the ENT. Now it looks like there’ll have to be some very expensive surgery/reconstruction to go in and fix the breathing passageways.

    Two attorneys I spoke with both assured me that the civil case is a “slam dunk”, and that the bidding starts at $50k for such an unprovoked brutal attack. Lucky for me just before I got headsmashed by this caveman, I took my sunglasses off, otherwise I’d have lost an eye, and that would have gotten him 20 years in prison and a $20,000 fine in Rhode Island.

pilot-link 0.11.0, 0.11.1, 0.11.2

    Three releases of pilot-link in less than a month’s time. It’s good to see lots of contributions, patches, bugs reported. Thanks go out to everyone that has helped.

    It definately helps to have good active facilities backing a project. I’ve set up HOWTOs, irc, the mailing lists, a search engine across the past 5 years of pilot-related lists, an active public CVS, and the bugtracker. They’re not as tightly integrated as I’d like them to be right now, but that’s going to change pretty quickly. Many users now are finding solutions to their problems without having to even resort to posting on the lists and irc services.

    It’s a healthy metamorphosis from what I’m used to seeing in the newer linux and community contributors. I highly recommend it for those who are managing or maintaining projects that may involve community testers or contributors.

    I should be releasing 0.11.2 on Wednesday if nothing else breaks in the meantime. This’ll be the first cut with native USB support for FreeBSD users. I still need people to help port the USB calls over to OSX, Win32 and OS/2, but if nobody steps up, that’ll stagnate for now.


    Status: None, 253 days.

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