How much more of my life is going to implode before I do?

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How much more of my life is going to implode before I do?

truck: dead

gnu-designs: monthly hosting charges just doubled, struggling to hold it up on my own

erika: lots and lots of pain, must fix, CV done, moving forward, don’t let go

work: [CENSORED]

health: lost too much weight, no energy, deteriorating, rationing meals, sleep erratic, more headaches followed by bloody noses, waif

code: what? completely different language to me now, it’s like Latin, parts of the words look similar, but the whole sentence doesn’t make sense

money: I haven’t seen it in so long, I forgot what it looks like, still haven’t done my taxes, Pfizer screwed me on my vacation pay, nailed me on business taxes, may have to cash out 401k just to survive

friends: who?

hardware: laptop_1: LCD dead, laptop_2: PCMCIA slot dead, home server: dead, year-old Hitachi 21″ monitor: dead

condo: white, white prison walls on all sides, no furniture, huge empty overly-expensive prison, trapped, suffocating

Now I’ve had to let go of two of my employees at gnu-designs. Relegated them back to normal users. If people are tasked with keeping up with billing our customers, and don’t… for over a year… what do you do?

I’ve been footing the bill for their (ab)use of the server, and received nothing in return, except a bill from the provider for bandwidth usage. Meanwhile these two employees get paid directly by customers in cash for their “design” of the customer sites. Not exactly a fair relationship.


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