Another pilot-link release hits the deck

Monday, April 30th, 2001 at 12:00 am | 3,370 views | trackback url

pilot-link 0.9.5-pre6


A few more days of bug-hunting, then it’s RELEASE TIME!

Need a catchy name for this release. Something with a bit of technical “oomph!” Anyone got any ideas? shoot me an email

0.9.6 Wish List can be found here and some new conduit ideas here.

Lots of new stuff coming! (anyone care to donate a Handera or a Palm m505, or a Visor Edge for my testing/development needs?)

TRG? Palm? Handspring? Are you listening?

I need some hardware to begin supporting the CF, SD, Springboard support in pilot-link.

I can’t keep paying for these toys on my own (this doesn’t include my two Cybiko handhelds, my two iPAQs and wireless sleeve, my VTech Helio, and my numerous cards, Palm/PDA clip-on attachments, and other PDA gadgets).

Ok, now onto the Java source in the tree..

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