GPG + Legal Matters

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It has come to my attention lately with all the “legal interludes” (Bluefish [1]
Ebay [1]
Prodigy Movers [1]
[5]), that I’m knee-deep in, that I’m not using enough gpg in my email correspondence.

Consider that oversight amended.

Ebay Redux

It looks like the same guy that nearly scammed $2350.00/USD from me has been hearing from his customers, who have asked me if they should pull their pending purchases, based on what they read from my negative ebay review of him. He has now “demanded” that I remove my diary entry that mentions him “from my webpage” (apparently he
does not realize that advogato is not my webpage). In any case, my diary entry is a factual
account of the events, and a summary of my opinion of the matters, as I saw them. Not libel, not slander, and the opinion belongs to me. The funniest part is the following:

“You must immediately retract your statements, cease sending them, and remover any
reference from us on your Web page, or we will take all necessary actions.”

I responded clearly letting him know the inaccuracies in his demands.

New Feet Enter the World

davidm, congrats on your new son, Dylan.

dyork, congrats on your new daughter, Chloe Jennett.

So many ex-coworkers having children lately. That makes a total of three in the past month or so. Who’s next?

Lots of new stuff going on. Grenada pictures should be somewhere online soon, moving my server and services (again) to the other coast, Cox Cable service screw ups, new pilot-link code, and training for triathlons with E. I’m learning so many things that I’ve never taken the time to slow down and learn before about the nuts and bolts of kernels and hardware. Fun.

I’m also still unemployed. It’s been five (5) months now. No sign of any good job leads out here yet.

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