Code or RSI, that is the question

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Tue Jun 19 03:11:55 PDT 2001


pilot-link 0.9.5 released!

My hands hurt

Spent all day trying to get gcc/binutils/gdb and friends compiled on both x86 and SunOS on an E3500 machine as a cross-compiler for ARM as a lab for this Embedded Linux Course.

I don’t know (or remember) SunOS as much as I probably should, much fumbling around was had (over 14.4k dialup no less). Thanks go to mkp for bailing me out here and there. He’s not off the hook yet though. The guys in #solaris on Efnet were helpful also.

Now to decide if I want to drop some caffeine and stay up all night (or at least for the next consecutive 15 hours or so) and work on this course, or if I should just crash, and let biology wake me up.

What a week so far. Unbelievably productive.

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