Who Writes the Rights

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Slashdot Ball CapI saw this comment on Slashdot today, and I had to re-post it here, because it really captures exactly what I’ve been thinking for the last two decades or so, watching this mess go by in our society and administration and environment:

Rights are not granted to us by the government.
We grant rights to the government.

Any attempt to reverse this will, in effect, start a bloodbath that I would be happy to participate in to preserve what is rightfully ours. Even if some of those rights are things I do not agree with. They are ours and ours alone.

The government is merely a keeper for its citizens, soon to be or otherwise protected by natural inalienable human rights and its sole obligation is for our collective protection and benefit for the long and short term.

Amen my Slashdot brother, amen.

UPDATE: I’ve been hearing dozens and dozens of comments and corrections from this one entry, one in particular which clarified that we grant “limited powers” to the government, not “rights”.

Seems quite a few people take this issue very seriously. Keep the comments and inertia going, everyone.

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