What the hell is wrong with the human race?

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(I’m typing this as I commute on the morning train)

Moments ago, a commuter on the Amtrak train I take every morning got up to get off the train at his/her stop in New Haven, walked by my table in the cafe car and knocked the open juice bottle that was on my table over, splashing it all over everything; my paperwork, my phone, my laptop, my train ticket, my journal… everything. It splashed up and onto the front of my white dress shirt too, staining it with a nice dark ‘tea’ color.

The bottle was at least a foot inboard of my table, there’s no reason they should have hit it, unless they were swinging their bag around like a gymnast.

This “person” (and I use that term loosely here) stood the bottle up, looked at me while the juice pooled all over my table and soaked into all of my paperwork, and continued to walk off the train. Not a word was said, not even “Oh my, I’m so sorry!”

So I’m here blotting my shirt, soaking up the juice on my table, my laptop, my journal, and trying to dry my paperwork with towels, as the cafe attendant Michael looks on shaking his head in disgust at the person who just walked off the train after causing this.

People boarding the train at the same time saw it, saw the person walk off, and asked me if they even apologized. I said “No, they didn’t.”. Obviously SOME people know the right way to behave. Why don’t others?

What the hell is wrong with people?

Are we really that broken as a species, as a race, that we can’t even apologize for doing something so stupid to someone else? Are our social skills really that de-evolved that we don’t even know what it means to treat our fellow man with respect and dignity?


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