Visceral Time Management

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Sun Jun 10 17:48:52 PDT 2001

Random Tasks

  • Hacking maildir support into pine. My mailboxes are now getting too large and unwieldy, even using xfs, reiser, or ext3. I will not use mutt. I’ve tried it, spent several hours getting the look and feel and colors identical to pine, including every single keystroke pine uses, but I feel it’s still not nearly as powerful as pine for me.
  • Updated my CVS webpage. It needs a bit more on it, but at least the links are accurate, and the information corrected. I will embellish on it soon. It laid dormant for over a year on that site.
  • Hungry.

Visceral Time Management

I have these two full-height walk-in closets in my apartment, each with two sliding mirror doors on them. I’ve filled the top half of one of them with Post-It notes of each task I have on my plate. Every day I walk past it, they are right in my face. I try to make an attempt at taking one of them down a day. So far, it’s been somewhat successful, but more have taken up the empty spaces.

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