To those running and some tragic losses

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What exactly is this? Advogato spam? Should that really be allowed to stay there, and the associated account nospamplease?


    I just found out yesterday that a former coworker at Linuxcare had a death in the family… his wife.

    Amethyst Mariani, Director, performer, friend, daughter, wife and mother passed away Sept 22, 2003.

    Some other Linuxcare alumnus have set up a PayPal fund to help him and his daughter out. Our heartfelt apologies go out to you and your loss, Elliot. More details here if you’d like to help out (thanks Bill and Gaylen).


    pjf, I am so sorry for your recent loss; very unfortunate. I hope her passing was at least peaceful.


    Still haven’t earned any substantial money this year, so I’ll once-again fall under the cutoff for qualifying to pay taxes. It’s going to be a lean, svelte Christmas… again.

    Interesting things coming on the horizon though, if all goes well at the end of this year. Only time will tell. Life has changed in remarkable ways over the last 2 years.

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