The so-called terrorists have already won

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List of Most Wanted TerroristsNo really, think about it.

Terrorism has but one objective, a political one.

The “Muslim” terrorists broadly want to establish Muslim governments (or governments that are more fundamentalist) in the countries where they live or operate. They target Westerners purely as a means to that end; to deter Western governments from propping up non-Muslim governments.

If you’re inconvenienced, killed, afraid, paranoid, lose civil liberties; they really don’t care. Its not their goal or objective.

If the US withdrew from the Middle East you would probably see the domestic threat of attacks decrease or stop entirely.

But now because of this threat they’ve “disrupted“, we can no longer carry some useful and standard items on a plane, especially a long, 8+ hour flight from the Uk to the US.

“Passengers in Britain faced delays as tighter security was hastily enforced at the country’s airports and additional measures were put in place for all flights. Laptop computers, mobile phones, iPods, and remote controls were among the items banned from being carried on board.”

No audio, no video, no laptops, no phones, no music, no toothpaste, no breath mints, no hairspray and many other things.

The terrorists have already won.

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