The Big Move™ II

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Well, it seems that 95% of my stuff was handled by the movers, the remaining 10 boxes had to be shipped via UPS. Very Expensive.

I’m crashing at Rasmus‘ house during the few days of transition before I fly out to handle the relocation of my truck.

23 months ago, I made this move… in reverse, except I drove West. It’s too grueling to return the same way, so I opted for this route. Too much lingers in both places.

Bluefish GPL Violation

    The move against Bluefish and their GPL violation seems to be gaining steam. Many people have replied to me about my original post. The email goes out later today. Mercury Guide will not be allowed to distribute their modified version of Plucker at the Olympics, nor distribute their IrDA kiosks around Salt Lake City to beam the application to Palm users unless they comply with the proper licensing.

    I urge those who are interested in the cause to email James, the CEO, and ask for the source code to their application, which is directly referenced to be based on GPL code (Plucker). Give him a call, email him, fax them, do not let this drop. Phone their San Francisco office (415-775-3697), or give them a Fax with your comments (be professional, 509-561-7934)

    If you call or email, PLEASE take care to be professional, courteous, non-threatening, and quote the relevant parts of the the licensing you reference. We do not want to come across as miscreants or as spamming their mailbox.

    Maybe after the letters Mike and I send today, they will comply. Then again, maybe not, there’s a lot of their own money riding on the success of this application, I think. This is a serious matter.

    Feel free to cross-post this diary entry to your favorite discussion forums and lists.

Things with Wings

  • Palmsource (2/5-2/8, San Jose, contingent on a pending T23 in NYC)
  • Flying East (within the week if all goes well, to my new home)
  • Flying West (3/4-3/5, speaking about PDAs and Linux
  • Flying East, then South (3/21-4/1, way south, where the sun touches the water) in Berkeley)
  • Flying East (to once again, begin anew)

All within the next 50 days.

The Other Stuff

    Sleep is still erratic, tinnitus still as loud, back still as tight. Add them all to the pile of hereditary and accident related trauma. There’s an impending pilot-link release waiting in the wings too.

    Need to get situated, get connected, and hunker down and code. CODE!

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