Sony’s GPL Violation hits Slashdot

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That reply to kgb wasn’t meant to hit slashdot‘s front page. I stand by my statements, and I’ve appended a clarification to the original email, so those who want to rip me, can do so in other ways.


To those tearing me up for this account of my plane ride back from Linuxworld, be aware that this was not an account of a GPL violation. It was an account of my travels on a plane, which INCLUDED talking to a Sony employee, to whom I brought up their possible violation of the GPL, and he gave me his flippant attitude.

Yes, until very recently, they were not providing sources to POSE, but I just checked again today, and now they apparently are, but only to an older version of their hardware. Interesting switch on their part. This has been an open issue with them for several months now, at least since early January. They were in violation of the GPL until May 1, 2001. I stand by my statements.

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Slashdot, pfft.

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