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Monday, May 14th, 2001 at 12:00 am | 1,194 views | trackback url

gstein, as one who uses ViewCVS very heavily on my cvs server (and shared a few emails with you personally), I’ve got a few quick suggestions:

  • It seems that setting mime_types_file has no affect on the rendering of the page. If there are PDF files, or Postscript, or images in my repository, and I want to view them, the browser renders them as ‘content-type=text’, no matter what I tell it to use.
  • some sort of code2html output, so I can link to not only a file with syntax highlighting, but link to a place in that file, by line (the equivalent of running ‘code2html -lc -t8 -N’ on a source file, for
  • While in the syntax-highlighted view of the file, a drop-down for each version in branches where that file appears would be nice on that page. If I’m currently looking at version 1.13, and want to see 1.12 and 1.10, a dropdown at the top (or bottom) to allow me to pick another branch where this file appears, and view its contents, would be nice.

But what am I doing, this isn’t ViewCVS’ bug reporting system, this is advogato =)

Great work gstein, keep it up!

Now I just need to find a better patch management solution and bug-reporting solution for my cvs, and I’m pretty much done (for this week anyway).

Anyone have any recommendations for a good bug reporting system I can use?

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