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Linuxworld 2001 awaits our arrival. Lots of surprises this year. Stop by our booth.

I’ve added some updates to the Plucker website. Lots more to come.

Sourcefubar is going well. New projects are trickling in.

gnu-designs is going well. Managed to “let go” of two people who were doing work for me (or should I say, not doing work for me). There are still some outstanding accounts, but I’ll clean those up soon. The person tasked with keeping this up-to-date did not do her job, so I have to sweep up. Such is the life of a business owner.
My new office is about 90% complete. The desk is now back together. There was some damage during the move, but it was minor. Nothing a little cowprint shelfpaper didn’t fix.

Now I have my DSL router on the 64.x doing DHCP and NAT on the 192.x internally for wired clients on my 18-port hub, of which one of those is a Lucent RG-1000 wireless gateway doing DHCP and NAT for my wired and wireless clients on the 10.x. All are doing NAT to the upstream gateway they talk to. Works well. Only 5 systems hooked up right now, 7 more to go, if they all go live.

I might be getting two thin client “MaxStations” soon to play with, gratis. I need something in the living room and in the kitchen for mail/news. Anyone know of a decent 8-10″ flatpanel I can pick up to hook up to these terminals so I can have a flip-away arm on the futon for them?

It will be deafening in here soon. All the wireless stuff wreaks havoc with my cordless phone, microwave, cordless headphones, and cell phone. I need to do some more juggling here.

I’ve got streaming oggs up for local and remote stations. Have to separate those into channels based on genre soon. Too much unsorted music in one pile floating around in the air here.

I’m also trying to find a good industrial shredder that can do DOD-approved cross-cutting. Nothing on ebay, and not really much in the sub-$300 range. Still lots of good deals on Thinkpad 600E’s though. Must get one for my girl soon.

Things left open:

  • pilot-link m50x USB support. Just need some dedicated time to hack on it. Too much architecture to change on the back-end to make
    this a simple one-night hack.

  • Lots of stuff changing on the Plucker horizons. I managed to gut the entire website backend and roll it into a completely new (and MUCH more manageable) template-based system. Too nice. I’m still fumbling with some of the parts, but it works well.
  • Mantis updates. I spoke with Prescience, and need to learn a bit more php before I can properly gut the UI out of Mantis and turn it into a template system. I’ll have to prod rasmus soon, or the #php guys on Efnet.
  • Sourcefubar automated project signup. Have to make sure I lock this one down a bit with the chrooted cvs over anonymous ssh environment I’ve developed for the box. Gotta love loopbacks.
  • Vacation… in Greece or something. It’s getting closer to the rainy season there, so I’ll have to decide quick. It’s not entirely my choice though.

Lots of noise lately going on about the SmartTags and XP and TopText. Personally, I would find  find  it very  annoying  if someone were to force those tags on my  webpage 

Just too much going on, as always, and not enough time to climb the mountain of work to see the sunrise at the top before the day is over again.

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