Sacrifice my morals, or work for Primerica

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Primerica, a Multi-level Marketing companyIt is now 6:49:21pm on a Sunday night. I am sitting at home on the couch, writing up some code for my Wikipedia projects when I receive a call on my mobile phone, from a local number in the 860 area code.

The nice woman tells me she’s found my resume online and thinks I’d be interested in a position she has.

She then tells me she is from “..a division of CITI Group”. She asks me if I’m still looking for work. I tell her that I am still actively considering positions. Then she asks me…

“ you ever consider doing something unlike anything you’ve ever done before.”

I say “Sure, every day.”

Then she restates that she’s is from “…a division of CITI Group, a major financial services group”, and asks me if I’d like to hear more. I say “Yes, go on…” and then she says she works for a company called “Primerica”.

I think to myself… “Primerica… Primerica… I’ve heard that name before.”

DING! Primerica is an MLM company!

So I ask her…

“If this opportunity has anything to do with Sales, Marketing or Direct Marketing… I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.”

She said something very nice in return, even though I just killed her referral bonus right there. She said something like “I guess we conclude our call here. Good luck in the future.” and I said the same.


A quick Google revealed this post that has some detailed information on the scam:

There will always be a huge drop out rate and while you may have made a $100,000 by recruiting x amount of people… it’s really cheap change compared to the money Primerica made off of you and it’s short term money in that eventually you won’t be able to find new recruits and/or new people to sign up for their finanical programs.

So what happens at this point is the pyramid collapses bottom up and eventually you will find yourself having no recruits to capitalize on and be forced to drop out yourself.

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