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Palm wireless SD cardToday I received a new gadget in the mail.. a palmOne Wi-Fi card, from Judd Montgomery, author of J-Pilot. It retails for $129.00 from Palm, but you can find it cheaper on Froogle. This particular one was funded by trading in points at the Palm Pays Back program.

Within a few minutes, after installing the software, I was up and running on my internal wireless network here at the house. A few minutes of tinkering later, and I was using it to HotSync to the OSX machine on the WAN, using MarkSpace‘s product MissingSync (a time-limited evaluation copy, based on pilot-link no less ;)

Syncronizing with J-Pilot was just as quick and painless.

Everything went together without a hitch, and was very straightforward. My internal wireless network is pretty complex; I have 3 wireless access points, each with their own bridging and ebtables (not iptables) setup for limiting/allowing traffic across the various “skins of the onion”. No trouble at all getting the Palm on my WAN.

Then the battery went dead. Apparently this card consumes so much power, that it took my full-charged Tungsten T3 handheld and drained it to 0% battery in about 10 minutes of use. That won’t be very useful if I have to syncronize a LOT of data over wireless (such as a full backup).

Now I’ll have to write this all up and add it to my growing collection of Palm HOWTO documents I’ve authored.

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