OpenProjects sells out… again.

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jpick said: “Also, the reason he’s asking for money from the users is that he doesn’t want to “sell out” the network to corporate interests.

Really? Is that why he was shopping OPN around to Corel, VA and Redhat in December of 2000? Go ahead and ask him, see if he denies it.

jpick also said: “A lot of free software hackers are in the same position – their principles aren’t always compatible with their need to put food on their table for themselves and their kids.

A lot of Free Software hackers are also out of work, or are working in fields completely unrelated to their Free Software work. I would venture to guess that 60% or more of the Free Software authors have never been paid a single dollar for their work on said software, nor have they asked for it twice a day, every day. We do this because we believe in it, not because we want to get paid for it, though that’s a nice benefit, but we still get “real” jobs and pay for food on the table.

I don’t like the rumors and untruths being slandered around about lilo or the network that he happens to be a user on either, but I deal in facts, and the facts I have are not enough to convince me he believes in the same community spirit that I do.

Update: I found a very interesting blog entry that seems to validate some of my concerns about the vision.

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