Open Source is not a pool of free development hours, beheadings and other goop

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Wed Jun 13 00:06:18 PDT 2001

fejj, I totally agree. If/when I get spare carbon cycles, I can try to help out (and I have both UI experience as well as development experience). Shouldn’t be too hard. My plate is pretty full through a good portion of this year though.

What irks me the most is that people ask us (as developers and maintainers) to fix this, fix that, add this, add that. What they fail to realize is that we are not always here to just provide for them. Many of us write software because it fills a hole in what we already do, or we want to make what we do easier. We are not an open software conglomerate to keep feeding “requests” into. If something doesn’t work the way you want it to, and the author or maintainer doesn’t seem to want to add that feature, add it yourself and submit a patch, or create your own version. You have the source. Whining about it only makes noise, and noise is distracting.

Open Source is not a pool of free development hours for people to just abuse. People who don’t want to contribute, get muted to the bottom of the pile.



Since when did we live in a world where we chop the heads off of innocent people, because the government in another country isn’t listening to the demands of a rebel guerrilla group?

Sabaya said they beheaded the American:“..because the Philippine government is toying with us..”

On arrival of U.S. troops for joint exercises in the Philippines: Sabaya: “Welcome to the party. If the U.S. troops come here, they’re the ones we want to fight.”

On any U.S. assistance in the hostage crisis:Sabaya: We’re raring to fight. We want to fight with the U.S.. Tell them to reinforce their troops, if they want. Maybe they think we’ll be frightened. Well, all I can say is it’s up to the government. They think that they can beat us in a gun battle. They think we will bend. We would relish dying than surrendering to them. Remember.

Two people confirmed beheaded, one of them a volunteer negotiator for the rebel group. The third person was an American, a tourist, who had nothing to do with the conflict at hand. His body has not been found yet.IMHO, like the Philippine government, we should have a zero tolerance policy as well with these people. You kill an American, we destroy your military base, we strangle your finances, destroy your military facilities, and imprison the families, friends, supporters, and funding parties of your campaign.

You’re not afraid to die, good.. BANG, you’re dead. Anyone else?

Now where did I put that extra clip and that application to become a mercenary again…

Other Goop

Made some favicon.ico files for my cvs page, the Plucker homepage, our main page, and the pilot-link homepage. That should stop those annoying emails I get every hour by the dozens when these files aren’t found.

The server was down for 19 hours. Lightning storm took out the power. Need to relocate that network to California.Started converting all of my HTML pages over, customer and otherwise, into XHTML 1.0 validated content. Satisfying, but tedious.

Birthday coming up in a month. Might want to treat myself to some more inkwork on that right sleeve.

USB synchronization with the m50x Palm devices is almost working. That’s the last thing left holding up the pilot-link release… Then it’s on to the XML path, and gutting the architecture and codebase quite a lot… fun fun. I might have to prod dyork and some of the other XML and XSLT/DTD gurus here sometime soon for some databits on this.

Working on an internal Secret Project #209

Still working on the Embedded Linux CourseI think a vacation is looming on the very near horizon. Something very far away, please.

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