On Hypocrites and Deception

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It’s been an interesting last couple of months for me since my last few posts… A lot has changed and I’ve been exposed to a LOT more people than before, on a very regular basis.

Across the board, what I’ve found is that there is a very large percentage of people who are “takers”; people who exist solely to try to drain the life-force of others, to (falsely) make themselves feel stronger in the process.

These people don’t just accept or receive what you’re willing to offer them, they expect, require and take it from you. These are the same people who don’t give at all, or reciprocate anything in any way. Take, take, take. That is their mantra.

  • People who lack a spine and respect, honor and discipline in their lives. They don’t do what is right because it’s right, they do it because they expect something larger in return.
  • People who can’t even be honest with themselves, yet require and demand forthright honesty from others.
  • Hypocrites that live by one set of rules, yet demand that others live by another, completely incompatible set of rules.
  • People who open their mouths and deliver nothing but hurt. Every single thing out of their mouth is hurt. In reality, they’re the ones hurting deep inside, and they lash out to keep people from getting close enough to see it.

It’s pretty consistent across the board.. in my experience and very broad sample set. Something like 80%-90% of people that I’ve met in my life across all manner of lifestyles, locations and industries share these “traits”, and it is really unhealthy to be around; physically and mentally.

With the economy rapidly sliding down further into the blackness, more and more people are pulling back into themselves, becoming more and more selfish and they’re just making the problem a lot worse.

I’m not going to expose myself or my daughter to these people, and I’m aggressively making changes in my life to put myself (and my daughter) among groups of people who do not exhibit these “damaged” qualities.

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