My new favorite female vocalist

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I’ve always been a fan of female vocalists, from Lisa Loeb, Deanna from Accidental Groove (met her back at “Billy Wilson’s” when she was still doing gigs in local bars), Loreena McKennitt, Kerry Lauder (who seems to have vanished from the planet, other than her albums on Amazon), Seryn Potter from the band “Seryn” (where my daughter got her name) now at Flirt Brooklyn and others… If they’ve got a Celtic accent, they’ll turn my head even more. I’ve met some of these beautiful artists in person and have created some great friendships as a result…

But recently I’ve been turned onto a new, up-and-coming singer/artist… Marié Digby. Her voice, her lyrics and the depth and power just seems to come through in so many ways. I also like that she’s constantly trying to find new ways to express herself, through the acoustics of her own bathroom to a wooden schoolhouse room during a video shoot.

Here are some samples so you can judge for yourself:

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