My current plate is… full

Thursday, December 20th, 2001 at 12:00 am | 1,457 views | trackback url

Two weeks!

  • on the cusp of a new release of pilot-link (0.10.1, the “Oat-n-Honey” release)
  • negotiating with coast-to-coast movers
  • packing packing packing
  • apartment relocation
  • dealing with my truck
  • corporate cable internet service
  • relocating my company from one coast to the other
  • moving a production server (and having zero downtime)
  • and a new home on the other coast

Everything has to be in place before I hit the ground. Timing is very tight here.

Too much going on. Oh, and there’s this holiday coming up next week they tell me… Christmas or something. I should consider shopping for some of my friends. Not much left over in the piggy bank now that I’m unemployed.

Update (Thu Dec 20 00:19:29 PST 2001)

rasmus, this is more a case of getting out of the current lease obligation than it is to get out of the state. No worries there. All my plans have wrenches in them,
that tends to be the problem.

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