Merry Christmas, Tire Slasher

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fix-a-flat.jpg I went to the mall today to return/exchange some suits and dress shirts incorrectly sized at Men’s Warehouse (great store, I highly recommend them, just make sure you try EVERYTHING on before you leave the store). I was in the store for maybe 20 minutes, max.

When I came outside, the front-passenger tire on my 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche was slashed. Flat. No air whatsoever.

I have a portable, 12v-powered air pump I use to pump up Seryn’s pool and other toys on the road when we travel, and I hooked that up to try to pump it back up.

While the pump was doing it’s job, I was pacing back and forth in the row I was parked in, waiting for the dutiful Mall Security vehicle to pass by, so I could file a report.

20 minutes go by, still no Mall Security to be seen anywhere.

Meanwhile, the pump is barely at the 15lb point filling my tire. I took out my flashlight and started examining the tire for any major defects, glass, slashes, nails or whatever. I obviously didn’t drive all the way to the mall on a flat tire, so it happened while I was in the mall doing my clothing exchange.

No nails, no obvious holes, nothing I could see that would let out all the air that fast.

After filling the tire to ~35lbs of air and putting in “Fix-a-Flat”, I drove over to the Mall Security office, and walked in to file a report. The kind woman there basically said there’s nothing they can do, since it’s on private property. The town and state police can’t even investigate, because it isn’t in their jurisdiction.

So what exactly is the point of Mall Security, if they’re not securing the mall?! Not only that, but what’s the deal with waiting 20 minutes for the security vehicle to drive it’s loop around the parking lot? Where WAS security tonight?

I basically told the woman that her employer was a waste of space and time, since they couldn’t do a single thing to help me with my issue.

To the person who decided it was ok to either slash or let all the air out of my tire tonight, a great big Merry Christmas and fuck you. It’s a good thing you managed to leave the area before I got there.


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