Media-driven Rectal Plotlines

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There’s seems to be this alarming trend in media lately, where commercials for movies, sitcoms and other things on television are stitched together of various sound bites from completely different parts of the movie or show.

For example, they’ll show one scene of two women talking at a breakfast table saying:

“So do you think this is helpful?”

And the next scene they show is of two different women at a gun range shooting guns, and one of them says:

“Probably not.”

Why, why, why do they do this? It’s like they pulled their own alternate plotline out of their rectum, because they didn’t like the original plotline.

This reminds me of these “armchair athletes”, the overweight men who watch sports all day, then get on the radio or television and try to explain how THEY would have done it better.

“If I was on the ice, I would have skated to the right, and put the puck behind his right leg, to score.”

Maybe if you weren’t overweight, under-motivated, and got yourself out on the ice every day for the last 10 years, you MAY have a shot at that.

But because you have no skills, and only exist to point out mistakes from people who have done better than you, that’s where you remain… on the chair, bag of potato chips in your hand, ranting about others.

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