LWN Errors about pilot-link

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LWN Errors


“…The bad news overall is that pilot-link may or may not be supported any further. While gnome-pilot seems to use an upgraded version, there doesn’t seem to be a web site anywhere with updated information on the status of the package and the pilot-unix mailing list is apparently dead.

The last word from David Desrosiers, the most recent Pilot Link maintainer, was that Pilot Link was being rewritten to clean up lots of old cruft in the source and provide a cleaner distribution. Note that the SourceForge site for pilot-link is ancient – the project was moved away from there some time back and the new web site is simply a CVS dump of file activity…”

Michael, please make the necessary corrections I’ve emailed you, before too many people see that and get discouraged from a very active open source project.

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