Lots of code and Canadian Cross Compilers

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Wed Jun 20 02:28:55 PDT 2001

Spent all day working on cross-compiler toolchain building on SunOS and Intel architectures, including Canadian Cross builds with gcc-3.0, binutils-2.11, and gdb-5.0 for both ARM and m68k and m68k-palmos architectures.

Documented as much as as I could take (22 pages of material). The Embedded Linux Course is going well, but I just wish I had more time to work on it, and some more bandwidth to get to the material. Dialup at 14.4k with a 56k modem really hurts.

Spent the rest of the day fighting with Mantis bugs, and going the very-painful path of upgrading from 0.14.18 to CVS HEAD. Made about 1,000 fixes to the code for both “prettiness” and consistency

Then I hit a dead stop. Fatal bugs aplenty. I’ve posted 7 critical/fatal bugs today with it (0000591 through 0000597 over here. I really like Mantis. I really like where it’s going. I don’t like having to hand-reinstall these dozens of parts every time I upgrade though. It was a toss-up between Mantis and RoundUp. I leaned towards Mantis only because my server can no longer take any more hits from static Python binaries running under httpd.

The rest of the bug tracking packages out there failed miserably (I tested at least a dozen, from JitterBug to Bugzilla, GNATS, Double Choco Latte, Tracker, and a few others. rasmus has one he uses on bugs.php.net, which was nice, but not quite as full-featured as Mantis). These two are clearly the most powerful I’ve seen.

My end-goal of course, is to provide a nice, integrated, robust, set of tools for the developers that use my hardware and my free public cvs and to increase the speed with which we can close bugs and continue writing productive code.

I picked up two good books the other day. The first one is by John Douglas called Obsession, and is full of case studies of profiled killers, rapists, stalkers, and their victims. I’m about 1/2 way through this one, and it’s only 2 days old. The human psyche and forensic pathology along with investigative detective-type work are beginning to pique my interest.

The second book I picked up was by Steven King, called Insomnia, and is about an older gentleman who loses his wife, and slowly begins losing sleep a little each day. He begins having “visions”, which he thinks are hallucinations… I’m about 3 chapters into this one already. So far, it’s pretty good.

02:30 PDT, time for food and one more deliverable tonight before I crash.
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